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Does a business continue to be monitored once they are accepted onto the scheme?

The managing authority continues to monitor their continued commitment to the scheme

It’s more than just a feedback scheme. A successful application to Buy With Confidence is by no means the end of a member’s association with Trading Standards. Buy With Confidence is more than just a logo; our businesses are able to use the branding ‘Trading Standards Approved’ and we want to make sure they continue to live up to that statement after they’ve been accepted.

Once a business has been approved onto the scheme the managing authority continues to monitor their continued commitment to the Buy With Confidence terms and conditions and ethos of the scheme through a number of methods.

We monitor our intelligence databases and will engage with a member business if we note any enquiries of concern; we work with our members to make sure they understand the legal requirements placed upon them by UK law and we provide advice and guidance on how to be compliant through training events, newsletters, guidance notes, re-audits and other open source information.

All of our members are subject to customer feedback – whether they provide a feedback card, or now customers can leave feedback online via the Rate a Business page, we scrutinise each piece of feedback a business receives and will take appropriate action if any problems become apparent. Please note feedback is only published on this site if the customer gives their permission and leaves us their details (however this personal information is not made public) – this helps us to ensure that the feedback a business receives is genuine and verifiable.

Businesses are also subject to re-audit. Each business can expect to be re-visited by a Trading Standards Officer during the life of their membership; this may be routine, at the businesses request or in response to any concerns we may have about the business or a particular business sector.

We have high expectations of our members and want to protect the reputation of our brand; we work with our businesses through a number of engagement methods including member training, social media, networking events, newsletters, surveys and more to make sure that we are helping each other to continue the success of Buy With Confidence.