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Applications, Fees and Auditing

Applications can be made on-line at the Buy With Confidence website

Terms & Conditions Guidance Document 1.1b Applications, Fees and Auditing


Applications can be made on-line at the Buy With Confidence website

The website is operated by the BWC Partnership, a collaboration between SWERCOTS, Devon & Somerset Trading Standards Service, and Hampshire County Council Trading Standards Service.

The application will then be allocated to the local authority in which your business is based or the authority who manages the scheme in your area.

Some authorities have arrangements with the BWC Partnership by which some membership processes are carried out by the Partnership; we will tell you if this is the case.


Membership is subject to payment of the relevant fees and you will be required to pay the membership fee as published by your local authority before we process your application. There is then an annual fee; your local authority will tell you when this is due. You can find out more about the fees in your area here.

If you are making an application on behalf of a business which operates regionally or nationally, a trade or professional body or operate from a large number of outlets please contact us on

Fees for Disclosure Certificates must be paid direct to the issuing body


We need to ensure that you fully understand the Terms and Conditions of membership and that you are able to comply with all requirements of the scheme.

In order to do this we carry out a number of checks and an audit, the application form identifies the checks we will make and in submitting the application you give us permission to make these checks.

The audit will comprise of a meeting between the applicant business and a member of staff from Trading Standards. The audit will be tailored to your business, we recognise that small businesses do not have or need the complex procedures required to manage large organisations, and will require you to demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the scheme.

Once you are a member we will carry out periodic re-audits, the frequency will be based on a risk assessment of your business.

In making any annual or membership renewal payment you are confirming that you continue to comply with all scheme requirements.

We will also seek to monitor compliance on a continuing basis, this may include tracking any consumer complaints and enquiries received by us, Citizens Advice or any Regulator or body with whom you claim membership or are required to be registered with.